Traditional Locks vs. Smart Locks – The Complete Guide

The marvels of technology have reached the niche of home security. This is a great advancement for those of us who wish to protect the assets we’ve worked hard to accumulate. It’s difficult to imagine how intruders can easily just take from people, but it happens more than you think. It happens in your city, it happens in your town, and it certainly happens in your neighborhood. The good news is theft is completely preventable in many ways. Even something as simple as locks have been updated over the years to work better against intrusions.
These days, we have the option of installing smart locks on our doors. Smart locks may be more advanced than traditional locks but don’t set aside your typical lock and key just yet. Each type of lock has its own benefits and drawbacks, and if you’re asking yourself which is better—traditional locks vs. smart locks—here’s a quick guide to show you how each style works.

Traditional Locks

Try to get to know your local locksmith. You can talk to them about any security concerns you might have, and they can give you information on what you need to do for better security. They can also show you the latest and best products in lock technology. Within that, you’ll probably see some smart locks. However, you should still talk to your locksmith about traditional lock options that would also work for you. If you think that it’s time to replace your old locks, going traditional doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re lessening the security of your home.


Traditional locks include lock and key mechanisms and deadbolts. Believe it or not, those two things are sometimes more than enough to keep your house from being broken into. The key is to get a good, high-quality set of locks that are statistically difficult to pick. There are many types you can choose from, and they’re all half as much in cost compared to smart locks. If you’re working within a budget, just make sure that you include a deadbolt as part of your lock system. Having a deadbolt installed on your door is your best defense against forced entry. If you add a deadbolt, you’re adding an additional level of prevention than before.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are great options too. With smart locks, you’re completely eliminating the possibility of having your lock picked. Some smart locks still have keyholes in order to offer a combined key and keyless system; however, there are plenty of smart locks out there that don’t use keys at all. Some use alphanumeric codes to open, while others use a keycard—much like the way that hotel room doors open. There are even smart locks now that can be opened using your mobile phone through an app, and there are even smart locks that use biometrics. The best thing about smart locks is their convenience to you as an owner. You’ll no longer have to carry keys. But, just because you have a smart lock doesn’t mean that it can’t be bypassed. These locks function electronically, which means that there’s also a way to bypass them electronically. Everything can be hacked, including your smart lock.

The Verdict

So, which is the best option for better protection, traditional locks or smart locks? If you want the best protection from burglars, you should have the best of both worlds. A combination of traditional and smart locks will be your best bet at preventing intruders from entering your home. Consult your local locksmith to see what options are best for your home.

You can have the chance to gawk at the latest developments in home security and install the coolest smart lock that they carry. You can even splurge and know that it’s for the safety of your home and your family.  But no matter what kind of smart lock you decide to install, make sure that you install a deadbolt as well. If your smart lock ever fails you, at least you know that there’s a deadbolt to back it up. It may be the smallest change you make on your home, but it can mean the difference between a home that is safe and a home that is not.

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