What is the Safest Way to Lock My Home?

Security is one of the top priorities of being a homeowner. Many times, homes get broken into simply because homeowners aren’t aware of what they should be doing to protect their homes. It isn’t always about installing the most expensive security systems, but about using what you have the best that you can. Thankfully, technology has developed to provide homeowners some great options as far as making homes more secure. A quick trip to the local locksmith can show you how much locks have progressed. And the truth is, the better your locks are, the safer you’ll be.


Safest Ways to Lock Your Home



So, what are the best ways to keep your possessions locked inside and intruders outside? We can start with the simplest locks. A door lock on its own is quite effective as long as it’s not malfunctioning or not too old and worn out. Door locks are designed to last a long time and to be able to handle the wear and tear of constant use. It’s good to invest in a good door lock system, especially if it’s the only security you’re going to have. The most important thing to remember is simply to keep it locked. If you leave your door unlocked, then the lock is not doing what it was made for in the first place.


Next, you might consider getting a deadbolt. Deadbolts work differently than key locks. They don’t use springs that can be propped open with a door-picking device. A deadbolt must be manually turned to unlock it. The best kind of deadbolt to use is a double deadbolt. This type of deadbolt can only be locked and unlocked from the inside, with no key access whatsoever. The simple addition of a deadbolt can triple the security you have if you only had a simple key lock previously.


There are other types of locks that now exist that don’t use keys at all. We normally see them in hotels as part of an entry system. For your home, you can also have a variation of the keyless entry system. There are smart locks now that have a numeric keypad. One in which you need to enter an assigned code in order to open your door. Codes should be chosen as anything that’s personal to you or just difficult for anyone else to figure out. Having a keyless entry system eliminates the ability for intruders to pick your lock. However, keyless entry systems do have their weaknesses. There are also ways to hack smart locks, especially those that are Bluetooth-enabled.

If you’re still not feeling safe with a keyless entry system, you might want to look into a combination of different style locks. Your locksmith will be able to tell you if your door can handle different locks or if you even need them at all. There are systems that combine a keyed entry plus a keyless entry for double security. With that system, you’ll need to have the access code plus an actual key to lock and unlock your door. There are even biometric locks nowadays that require your fingerprint to unlock the door. If that sounds too much like science fiction or James Bond to you, just be glad that they’re available because they provide great security for your home.


Regardless of what system you decide to use, the most important thing to remember is simply to keep your door locked–always. All locksmiths will tell you that having 20 locks on your door will be pointless if you don’t lock any of them. Be aware that at any given moment, a burglar might be scouting your home to see if there’s an easy way in. They’ll also observe your habits to see if you constantly leave your doors open or if you lock them every time you enter the house.

Burglars will take any chance they can get to enter your home. If they can see that you only have a simple lock on your door and that you barely use it, you can probably guarantee that the next time you leave your house with your doors unlocked, you’ll come home to find you’ve been broken in to.

Don’t allow this to happen and be sure to review your locks for the safety of your home and your family. If your not sure about your locks, then call a locksmith today.

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