Why You Should Re-Key Your Home

Why You Should Re-Key Your Home

Rekeying is a method used to change the configuration of a lock. Rekeying makes old keys useless without having to change the entire locks. Keeping your home secure is one of the most important considerations for any homeowner or tenant. Your door and window locks are the first point of defense against intrusion, and you want to be sure that their integrity is maintained.

You would not feel comfortable locking your valuables in a home to which many people have access. Rekeying your locks is a way to get rid of old house keys. It is preferable since it is cheaper than a complete replacement and ensures that you have full control over your locks. Below are a number of reasons why you should rekey your home:

Why You Should Re-Key Your Home


Keeping yourself, family and property safe is one of the most important roles you have as a homeowner. Because of tough economic times, crime rates are on the rise, and a weak security system in your home can make you especially prone to intrusion. As technology advances, burglars are finding more sophisticated ways of launching their attacks. As a homeowner, it’s important to keep track of the people that have keys to your house. If you find there are people who have a copy without your consent, it is time for rekeying. Not everyone comes to your home with good intentions, so ensure you renew your keys.

Whether you’re moving into a house as a tenant or homeowner, there’s no knowing how many previous owners still hold copies of keys to your current locks. It’s not uncommon for people to make key copies for the cleaning lady, neighbors and everyone living in the house for convenience’s sake. Old disgruntled employees may also have copies, planning to return later and cause damage to the home. Rekeying is recommended when you move to a new place since you cannot know how many people retain keys to the home you just moved in.

Why You Should Re-Key Your Home

Malfunctioning Locks

Door locks are not designed to last forever; they fail with time or become harder to operate because if they sustain any damage (e.g., from unsuccessful forced entry attempts). If you’re having trouble opening a door because the key gets stuck or is much harder to turn, it’s time to rekey your lock before it jams completely. This could force you to need to find an emergency mobile locksmith on short notice to replace your lock. Rekeying an old lock will give you easier entry and the lock a longer life. It’s during the rekeying process that you know if you need to replace your locks or just rekey them to last longer.

Why You Should Re-Key Your Home

Avoid Lock Bumping

Many homes only have standard cylinder locks to deter burglars, without additional security measures. Key bumping is when a burglar finds a key that can fit into a lock, even though it doesn’t open. He/she will then file down the key until it can open the door. To avoid this, it is important to rekey your home. This is an affordable way to increase your locks security. You can get a certified locksmith to add security pins to your existing cylinder locks for a fraction of the cost of complete replacement.

This increases the level of resistance to a bump key, making it a lot more difficult for a potential intruder. This alone can be enough to deter them since most intruders rely on stealth and speed to pick their targets – making it hard for them to come in can be enough to get them to leave and pick an easier target. Because of the use of a key, burglars can gain access to your home without having to force themselves in.

Why You Should Re-Key Your Home

Lost or Misplaced Keys

Losing your keys or misplacing them especially if you do not have a spare set that can be delivered to you in a timely manner, will need an intervention of an emergency locksmith. If the lock is in good shape, there will be no need to replace the whole lock. The locksmith will just rekey your lock and get you a new set of keys. Locking your keys in is also a good reason to have your home rekeyed. You do not need to break off the lock or the whole door to get the set of keys inside, a locksmith will only need to rekey your home and get you another one.

When rekeying process is handled by a professional locksmith, it is very easy and fast, and it actually does not require the use of a lot of tools or manpower. It also saves you money since you do not need to replace the locks. Rekeying gives a better option to securing your home.

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